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Impro cooperative has the following woodworking centres:

Saw centre

Saw centre

Sawn timber (boards, baulks, laths, pallet wood, wooden pallets). Production of timber supports (up to the length of 13 m). Sawing of own round timber, deep cutting, trimming. Transport of sawn timber. Purchase of round timber. Wetting of sawn timber against fungal diseases and wood-destroying insects (up to the length of 12.5m). Pallet production. Sale of air-dry sawn timber.

Joinery centre

Joinery centre


Production of atypical kitchen units, cupboards, office furniture, built-in cupboards, windows, window sills, panelling of walls and radiators, renovation of old furniture, implementation of architectural designs and customers’ requirements. Sizing of planar materials including laminate.



Roof frames, pergolas, wooden shipping containers, roofing works.


Wood products

Wood products


Wood products


more wood products

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Zábrodí, Končiny 111 549 41 Červený Kostelec Česká Republika, map

IČ: 48171158 DIČ: CZ48171158

tel.: +420 491 445 202 fax: +420 491 445 201 impro@odimpro.com

Entry into the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, Section Dr, insert 292nd.

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